Your truck gets you to the job. We help you get it done right.

Your business is built on reputation. You’re only as good as your last project. That’s why you need to show up on time and get the job done right. Your truck will get you to the site. But it doesn’t stop there — it’s also your office, your marketing, and your toolbox.

You depend on your truck to be ready and reliable. Every tool needs to be easy to grab. Every day needs to run smoothly. Royal makes quality, custom service bodies that are built around the unique needs of your business. All proudly engineered with the strongest materials and finest craftsmanship. With Royal you get service bodies that are made to work hard like you. 

Standard features to meet your highest standards.

The last things you need are surprises and expensive add-ons.  You have no patience for nickel-and-diming, just like your customers. So Royal Truck Body gives you more standard features than any other service body builder. The kind of commonsense value that respects your hard work and tight margins.

More standard features that deliver uncommon value:

  • Double-paneled, self-supporting, self-leveling tailgate with locking paddle handle utilizing the one-key solution
  • Fortress 5-point security hardware utilizing the one-key solution automotive lock package
  • Single doors on the front compartment for enhanced resistance to water and dust
  • Gas shocks on all vertical doors
  • Portable storage bins in open-top compartments on both sides
  • 4 tie-downs in bed area
  • Lock-in-place, adjustable shelves in compartments on 2″ centers
  • Weather stripping for dust and water-resistant compartment interiors
  • Rain gutters above all doors
  • Gas springs on all vertical doors and chain stops on horizontal doors
  • All compartment doors are double-paneled
  • Trademarked, recessed, stainless steel door pockets with internal fasteners
  • Top lids have 2 gas shocks and 2 rotary latches, each mounted on lid ends
  • Bright tread aluminum diamond plate overlays on top lids
  • Bright tread aluminum front gravel guards and splash guards
  • 5″-high self-leveling tailgate with shear-resistant machined hinges and protective stainless-steel cap
  • 12-gauge diamond plate floor on 10-gauge crossmembers
  • Integrated fender flares
  • Zinc-plated hinge rods with hinge blocks
  • Lighting package installed on the kickplate
  • 8″ rear step bumper
  • 1900 emulsion undercoating
  • Zinc-plated door lock rods
  • Vertical or horizontal compartment layout available
  • Three-year limited warranty

Three Year Limited Warranty

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More Information

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