ladder rack new - Accessories

Regular Ladder Rack & Forklift Loadable Ladder Rack

Add additional storage with an over-cab ladder rack. Available in standard or forklift loadable for every cab/body combination.

cab guards new - Accessories

Cab Guards

Protect your cab from inadvertent damage while maintaining rear visibility. Available in several sizes to fit any cab/body combination.

work platforms new - Accessories

Work Platforms

Transform your service body into a workstation by adding a work platform on the rear. Available in a number of lengths, with an optional V-notch for cradling pipe.

oxy acetylene new - Accessories


Turn your truck into a mobile welding station by adding a tall compartment with brackets for oxygen and acetylene bottles and louvers for ventilation.

three piece roll top new - Accessoriesthree piece roll top 2 new - Accessories

Three-Piece Roll Top and Raised Roll Top

Enclose your cargo area with a lockable 3-piece roll top made of the same high-quality material used to construct the body. Available in two heights, standard and raised.

internal master lock - Accessories

Internal Master Lock

Add an extra layer of protection with the Internal Master Lock featuring a twist handle that can be secured using a padlock.